A downloadable game for Windows

Some monster taped a bomb on your duck pet! In order to save yourself, the duck and the world you have to search every inch of your room to find the bomb and the clues to defuse it. The clock is ticking!

Every time you play the game generates a different bomb, the clues change and the duck is hiding in a different place!


Music by the amazingly incredible Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez:




Now time can be your friend everywhere you go!



Made for the "I can't draw GameJam": https://itch.io/jam/i-cant-draw-but-want-to-make-a-game-again -> Won best music!

Install instructions

1) Download

2) Extract

3) Run .exe


Where's that ducking bomb!.zip 26 MB


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Equisdé, equisdé, equisdé


Equisde xd,deberías poner la opción para pantalla completa y apagar la música.

Like para que lo vea xd


Si apagas la música solo queda el gameplay, estás loco?!

Defused 9 bombs. It's definitely easier to defuse a bomb when it's not on a piece of paper in front of Gregory.

Hahaha I think Gregory was trying to sabotage you. Thank you for playing, I really apreciate it!


That was a pretty cool game. I liked that you started up and immediately got down to clicking things, whilst some smooth jazz tunes play in the background.

I didn't realise there were clues at first so I went boom, but I stumbled across them on the next few playthroughs and saved the world. Great game!


Thanks for playing! 


Very intuitive and fun to play! The music choice is excellent. This is one of the better Game Jam games I've played. 

Thanks my friend! I'm glad you liked it!


Your game was Superrrr Fun!

I diffused the bomb like 9 times =o I love all the clues and how a lot of the environment can be taken apart to find clues!

I also love the music also~

It's nice to listen to great music that has a great production and composition; I have not heard awesome music like this in a game jam in like forever!

Hey, thanks for playing, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you Michael that's appreciated ! :)

I have played your game and so far I think it's pretty solid. The art is good and the fact that it's random every time really adds to the experience. It's a very good point n' click game overall. In a way, this game can get a little addictive the more I play.

The music is very well done, as well! I haven't played any games yet that might have better music than your game's, but so far I think you might have a good chance of winning the "best music" category. "Time is your friend~". Nice job Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez!

As for what you can add, I would like to see different locations each time you play (not just the house!) to make it even more random and replayable. Maybe you could even have multiple types of duck bombs with different buttons for those locations to keep the player thinking. There is definitely a lot of potential here! I might play whatever updates for this game there may be!

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Thanks for playing, I'm really glad you could enjoy it! I'm happy to hear you liked the music that much, I think Leonardo did an amazing job aswell. About what I can add to the game I completely agree. In fact I'm already working of a different scene with a different bomb. I don't plan on investing a huge amount of time on this project but I will definetly add a couple more scenes and some other neat features I have on my trello list haha. Thanks again for playing, I will let you know when the "full game" is out!

Hey Anthomo220 ! Thank you very much for your warm comments!! And a very good critique of the game!

Leo the composer :)


So I was right about the whole “winning best music” thing I said! Congratulations Leo and Sepi! 

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Thank you so much!

Thank you !!

adorable and very nice looking little game! the music is a bop, and also it's hilarious that there's a song about taking your time while you're defusing a bomb. LOL

Thanks for playing man! 

Ah you got the joke :D ! Thanks for playing - the composer!


This is such a fun and addicting game! I love how everything is randomized every run, which prevents the game from getting stale. The art style works very well, and the music is a nice touch too. GREAT job on the game!

Hey, I'm really glad you liked it, it was very fun to make! Thanks for playing!


Love this! All the aspects of the game are perfectly tied together. Loved how each play through is a new experience. Great work!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you could save the day, I was really afraid for that poor little duck.


This was really fun.  I liked that the clues came in several different forms and the music added some humor.  I did have a situation where I got both a winning and losing screen at the same time.

That never happened to me, that hppens when you are the only one play testing your game. I'll try to find and fix the error. Thak you for playing!

It happened when I disarmed a bomb just as the timer ran out.

Thank you very much! I was trying to replicate the error on my own but I couldn't. I really don't know how to fix it (noob), but I promise I will figure it out.


I'm happy you saw the comic side of the music I had intended to put! 

The game is really fun, hats off to sepi!

The music composer


thats Awesome man a unique idea and fits the theme

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

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very very good game i wish you would continue this game so it will get a little bit more interesting but even now I LOVE IT

I love the style

I love the music 

I love the gameplay

I love you

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Thank you very much! I think I will make a couple new scenes to spawn randomly just for you cause I love you too!


I love the game, I love sepi and I love you too! What a coincidence!


The music composer!



Thank you!